All Source Security Container USA Roadshow Hits Minnesota

With several months and two tradeshows under my belt, it was finally time to stop and take a breather, right? Never! Instead we created the All Source Security Container USA Roadshow, a one person venture out across the USA in search of those in need of document destruction consultation. What a great opportunity to meet with a variety of people in the industry! Who thought of this? It is brilliant.

My first stop on the All Source Roadshow was the great state of Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes. I was lucky enough to meet with people in the industry as varied as you can believe. Whether it was a single operator with a homemade shredding truck or the President of NAID, there is such a variety in this wonderful industry to see when you take a ride on the All Source Security Container USA Roadshow.

I was able to get re-acquainted with some great people I met at the NAID show in Las Vegas, as well as, meet some key industry people for the very first time. However, what I think I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to meet the smaller operators who are just getting started in the business. Their enthusiasm and passion reminded me that this industry, like most others, is driven by the great American entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit it is very much alive and kicking in the world of shredding. Sometimes it simply takes getting out on the road to feel the heartbeat of our dynamic and robust industry beating strongly.

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