Choosing the Right Strategic Partners – Key Vendors

The shredding industry is a tight knit community of business owners who often find the tasks of starting up and growing their businesses a difficult task. Creating a successful business model in competitive markets, especially as a startup or new business, can be hard without the support of a strategic partner. Even established businesses need help.

When choosing a strategic partner, you need to find an organization that will work with you to share responsibilities, resources, expertise and industry know-how. Partnerships allow you to make continuous improvements to your company and direct your resources towards the projects you consider most important.

Businesses in the shredding industry need to develop and manage complex ecologies or organizations around ourselves so we succeed. The selection of strategic partners with whom to collaborate is now becoming a life or death issue for most firms.

Recognizing and leveraging strategic partnerships can give you an inside edge over your competitors. Most shredders in the document destruction industry don’t often get support from vendors. Most vendors want to sell products, equipment, or services and walk away once the money is made. Vendors often offer little back end support in growing your business. The thing a lot of vendors don’t realize; is that the success of a shredder is the vendor’s success.

Vendors should be there to help you. Creating lasting relationships and mutual growth as partners is more important than a quick sale. Vendors deal with hundreds of shredders, from startups to massive organizations. By hearing hundreds of stories from the trenches, the right vendor can guide you and support you in the growth of your business.

Partnering with a good vendor can help you grow and keep growing. They listen. A good vendor can show you ways to maximize driver time, collection efficiencies and offer priceless value in marketing support. Together shredders and a good vendor can collaborate to evolve and develop new products that save time and money. Vendors in turn, should ensure there are warranties that protect their customer’s investment. They should offer support with organized logistics and fast turnaround times so a customer doesn’t lose deals. A smart vendor will offer a wealth of industry know how helping with a shredder’s growth and development.

A smart vendor will make themselves a strategic partner. They know their success, is your success.

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