How Five Little Nylon Bag Hooks Can Save Shedders Money

The All Source DuraFlex is a state-of-the-art secure document container designed to thrive where other containers traditionally fail. The console is fitted with nylon bag hooks which are custom designed to save you time and money. There are three fundamental ways these hooks reinforce points where metal hooks fail, this article will outline each in detail.

Save Money on Container Investments
Nylon bag hooks will not shred the melamine of the shredding console. Standard metal hooks turn as the container bag is removed, this causes the hook to dig into the melamine and eventually screw out the exterior side of the container. If the console is glued the panels which have become damaged cannot be replaced, which means that an entirely new container needs to be purchased. The nylon hooks which support the bag of the DuraFlex console do not move with the bag, they are secured firmly into the container to ensure that no damage results. Also, the shredding console is made with ultra strong poly components (not glue), which means that any part can be replaced. This saves money on container investments as only one container will need to be purchased.shredinator

Save Money on Efficiencies
Once the metal hooks have shred the melamine and are sticking out the exterior of the container, the sharp edges can scratch or nick material collectors. Nylon bag hooks will not harm employees. This means that less time is spent on mending wounds or avoiding metal hooks, so that more time can be spent shredding paper. The shredding console saves money on work place injuries, as well as, the time spent handling and putting processes into place to avoid them.

Save Money on Man Hours
The DuraFlex bag fits snug into the container with the support of the nylon hooks, this saves money in two ways. First, employees do not have to fight with the hooks turning while trying to position the bag, as the nylon hooks are stationary and easy to place the bag onto. This means that employees can collect the materials faster, which saves money on man hours. Second, the bag fits tightly into the shredding console, ensuring that no paper misses the bag. This saves the time and money from having shredders collect missed paper from the bottom of the container.

In conclusion, using containers which feature nylon bag hooks will save time and money. It is amazing just how much money five little nylon hooks can save shredders over time and just how much money is lost from metal hooks. Shredders can protect their equipment investments today by making the right container purchase for tomorrow.

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