How to Shred More in Less Time

The right shredding container can ensure that more is collected and shredded in less time. This means more revenue can be earned with less money spent on operational costs. This article will outline how particular containers can enable shredding companies to collect more paper and get in/out of service locations in a hurry.

Use Consoles That Increase Collection Efficiencies
Choosing the right collection consoles/cabinets can increase your collection efficiencies and save you time and money. The All Source ‘DuraFlex’ console has many features that will help your bottom line.  The DuraFlex’s smartly placed bag hooks allows the paper collection bag to fit snug in the container. A snug bag ensures that no paper misses the bag and your employees are not forced to waste time scooping paper from the bottom of the console. The nylon hooks will also not scratch or scrape employees as metal hooks do. The door on the DuraFlex has a 180 degree hinge allowing it to completely swing open. This ensures that nothing is in the way making the bag removal easier and quicker. The console is also twenty percent lighter than traditional consoles, making it easier for shredders to maneuver and transport to new locations.

Use a One Key Solution to Save Time
The less time your employee fumbles with numerous keys, means less time spent in a customer location.  Using one key to openslam-lock-reflection every console, cart or deskside bin will save your employee’s time and allow them to service more customers. The All Source One Key Solution allows you to open any container you use. Also, using more efficient locking technologies, such as, the new Slam Lock can help shredders empty containers more quickly. The Slam Lock automatically locks when the door is pushed closed. This saves the time taken re-locking the container. Less time collecting, more time shredding!

Use Deskside Containers to Collect More Paper & Save Time
Containers which can be placed right next to a desk are more likely to be used. For example, the All Source ‘Shredinator’ can hold as much paper as a traditional console and is small enough to be located at deskside. The All Source ‘PDC’ is small enough to fit under a desk drawer to save space. These are great for applications where space is limited. Time saving features like easy grip handles, easy to open lids and the One Key Solution allow for quick opening and emptying. Using desk side containers uses a shred everything, recycle everything approach. This maximizes the amount of paper which is collected, shredded and recycled. It will also prevent lazy tosses of sensitive information into a more conveniently placed waste basket.

In conclusion, the correct combination of container features can allow for more materials to be shredded faster. This is of benefit to the shredding company and those in the field supplying the service. The benefit can in turn make for a happier working staff, environment and a more productive operation.

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