ERGO DURAFLEX SHRED CONSOLE When secure document containers are easy to access and readily available, businesses are more likely to remain compliant. Every office, reception area and conference room should have easy access to a secure container for its employees and clients to keep confidential material from ending up in the waste bin. This sleek, lockable shredding console suits every office environment’s existing décor, and is the perfect deskside recycling bin to ensure secure shredding.

ERGO DURAFLEX SHRED CONSOLE – SIGNATURE SERIES Secure shredding at its finest. The Ergo DuraFlex Signature Series offers the same great features as the Ergo DuraFlex shred console, except this beautiful document shredding console boasts new elegant finishes to compliment any office décor! Not only does the Ergo DuraFlex Signature Series shred console incorporate durable features to extend the life of your console, but it is also certified CARB II compliant! The certification sticker goes on every console that leaves our warehouse.

E-Recycling upgrade on Defender Series 32G - All Source Products

E-WASTE RECYCLING CONTAINERS Easily transform your recycling carts into e-waste recycling carts. The secure destruction of digital media is an ever-increasing concern as businesses rely more on digital documents for their businesses. All Source offers a secure E-Waste Recycling cart upgrade on almost all products to ensure proper destruction of hard drives, solid state drives, flash media, cell phones, USB drives, disks and more!

Defender 95G High Security Lockjaw Lid - All source

DEFENDER 95G SHRED BIN The Defender Series collection carts are the next generation of secure document destruction carts! These containers are injection molded in North America with quality and ergonomics in mind. 100% recyclable and supported by a 5 year warranty; the Defender 95G shred bin is designed to last, offering a low cost of ownership. This cart is perfect for secure shredding at high capacity.

Blue 95 Defender Series Recycling Collection Container - All Source Products

DEFENDER 95G – RECYCLING CART Whether it’s for internal recycling, or curbside collection, the Defender series recycling cart is up to the task! Sharing all the features and options of the Defender Shred Series, this secure document container will accommodate the recycling needs of both small and large businesses and facilities alike. Available in 3 sizes to fit all your needs. 

Defender 95G - 4 Wheel Secure Collection Cart - All Source Products

DEFENDER 95 MAX SHRED BIN The purpose of the Defender 95 Max shred bin is to carry a higher load for more efficient collection for document destruction. The Defender 95 Max was developed and designed with durability and ergonomics in mind, making it the most ergonomic and efficient 95 gallon cart on the market. This secure document destruction container is the highest capacity locking container that can be emptied with a standard shredding truck! This cart was made for high capacity secure shredding.

Defender 65G -4 Wheel cart - All Source Products

DEFENDER 65 MAX SHRED BIN You can rely on the Defender 65 Max Shred Bin to handle a load of 65 gallons without sacrificing ergonomics. This secure document collection container puts security and durability first, and makes it easy to collect documents destined for destruction. The Defender 65 Max Shred Bin is also designed to be easily emptied into a standard shredding truck.

Defender 65G with High Security Lockjaw Lid - All Source Products

DEFENDER 65G SHRED BIN  The Defender 65G shred bin has a 65 gallon capacity, making it a perfect mix of capacity and mobility. The Defender 65G shred bin is an ideal solution for carts that are moved frequently or often have full loads. The Defender Max upgrade allows one operator to move two carts with ease. This lockable shred document container is injection molded with quality and ergonomics in mind. With a 5 year warranty, the Defender series was designed to last.

Defender 65G - Microfiber : Secure Textile Collection Cart - All Source Products

DEFENDER 65G – MICROFIBER The Defender 65 Microfiber cart is the perfect solution for all of your microfiber and textile disposal needs. The secure microfiber disposal container offers a large 6” x 10” opening for ease of collection and disposal. As with all of our Defender Series consoles, the Defender 65 Microfiber is supported with a 5 year warranty. Plus, the “Dagger” locking system provides flexible applications while optimizing security.

ockjaw 240: Secure Collection Cart front angle view.

DEFENDER S240 SHRED BIN With identity theft on the rise across North America, it’s now more important than ever to use reliable and secure document containers. To ensure a strict chain of custody, customers require secure document storage followed by reliable document shredding. The Defender S240 shred bin is the perfect solution to keep your documents safe and secure until they can be securely shredded. 

Defender 32G Secure Collection Cart - All Source Products

DEFENDER 32G SHRED BIN The Defender series collection are the next generation of secure document storage and destruction. The entire Defender series are injection molded in North America with the highest quality manufacturing in mind. The Defender 32G shred bin container is Joint Commission Compliant, and offers a 5 year warranty including the patented Lockjaw locking system! 

Defender Economy 65 Side

DEFENDER ECONOMY 65 SHRED BIN The Defender Economy 65 is the economical solution for real-world waste and recycling situations. Our newest 65G shred bin cuts no corners in safety and security. There is large, ample space to hotstamp your logo and proudly promote your brand. The Defender Economy 65 offers the same durability and resiliency you have come to expect from All Source shred carts.

Defender HC - 175G - All Source Products

DEFENDER HC SHRED CART The Defender High Capacity (HC) cart is available in 175G, ensuring that there is a Defender large enough to fit your needs. Despite its size and load capacities the Defender HC is still easy to move around your facility. With four inch caster wheels, the cart can be easily maneuvered in any direction to fit into the tightest spaces. The 175G cart is only 31” wide, allowing it to fit through standard 36” doorways with ease. Two of the caster wheels feature foot brakes to ensure the cart remains stationary and will not roll away when positioned on an incline.  These features make the Defender HC a very versatile collection cart and are ideal for large facilities and institutions.

Single Shredinator : Secure Deskside Container on angle. - All Source Products

SHREDINATOR The Shredinator is one of our top selling secure, deskside document collection containers. It is offered in 3 different height options to fit discreetly under any desk or workstation. The Shredinator is the perfect option for hospitals and medical facilities where keeping PHI confidential and secure are priorities.

Personal Document Container (PDC) - All Source Product

PERSONAL DOCUMENT CONTAINER The Personal Document Container (PDC) provides compliant, secure and convenient collection of sensitive documents within arm’s reach. The compact PDC holds up to 30lbs of paper and is the perfect solution for secure collection where space is at a premium. Fitting neatly under any desk and eliminating the “lazy-toss” of confidential documents to the trash, the PDC is the perfect way to ensure confidential document disposal!

ERGONOMIC RIGID INSERT Gone are the days of bending, squatting and kneeling down to unhook your console bag! The Ergonomic Rigid insert is the ultimate ergonomic solution to paper collection. Designed for use with the Ergo Duraflex console, the Joint Commission Compliant insert makes emptying consoles a breeze, requiring just 35% the collection time of bags.

The Glider: Ergonomic Assistant. - All Source Products

THE GLIDER The Glider makes it easy for operators to service more containers in less time! The Glider can be easily attached and detached to a 65 or 95 gallon cart allowing one operator to easily move up to two carts at a time. Never tilt another cart, simply attached the Glider to improve efficiency and ergonomics. The Glider is the clear choice for your collection needs.

Green All-in-One: High Performance Collection Bag folded up before being used. - All Source Products

ALL IN ONE SHREDDER BAG The All-in-One Bag from All Source has been designed for additional function & added Durability! Made with a thicker more durable material, the All-in-One bag was created to be the top performing and longest lasting console bag on the market. With nine grommet placements, it was made to be compatible with all North American made consoles. Partner the All-In-One bag with either the Ergo Duraflex or Ergo Duraflex Signature Series, and know that confidential information is secure and safe from prying eyes.

Seal ‘n Shred Bag - Personal Sustainable Collection Bag - All Source Products

SEAL N’ SHRED BAG Expand your customer base with a great economical marketing tool! The Seal ‘N Shred paper bag from All Source is great for overflow, fundraising with schools, provided to customers during your Shred Days and more! The possibilities are endless.

Custom Id Badges: Brand your containers - All Source Products

CUSTOM ID BADGES Spread your brand image with ID Badges on your carts, consoles and desksides. ID Badges make it easy and convenient for your customers to contact you when it’s time for collection. Companies with high turnover, or infrequent collection often lose track of who collects their documents for destruction. With your company logo, phone number, and website address on every product, your customers will always have your companies contact information on hand, making it easy to contact you when it’s time for collection.

Hot Stamping - Cart Bodies : Brand your Containers - All Source Products

HOT STAMPING – CART BODIES Spread your brand image with hot stamping on your carts. Hot stamping your company logo and contact information onto carts makes it easy and convenient for your customers to contact you when it’s time for secure document disposal and collection! With your company logo, phone number, and website address stamped into your secure document container, your customers will always have your contact information on hand! This makes it easy to contact you when it’s time for secure document collection and disposal.

Front view of rectangular Cart Lid Insert on a blue Defender Series Secure Collection Container. - All Source Products

CART LID INSERTS: CUSTOM OPENINGS All Source containers can be customized with openings in a variety of shapes to suit your needs. The rigid 6”x10” opening used in the Defender 65G – Microfiber can be equipped on most containers. If a different size or shape is needed, All Source can cut and trim an opening to virtually any shape or size to suit your unique needs.